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Bot-Logic Board Top ViewEfficient Computer Systems, LLC (ECS) has developed the BOT-LOGIC Shield to work with the Uno and Mega style arduino Boards and compatibles.

The BOT-LOGIC Shield  is a full-featured robot controller board that can be used for a wide range of applications. it has built in Load sensing circuitry which allows the controller to measure the load on up to 12 servos (works with standard hobby servos)

Dedicated I/O:
   • up to 28 Servos (4 -12 with load sensing)
   • any Servo connector can be used to drive loads up of 250ma each
   • 12 Servo connectors can be used to drive loads up to 500ma each
   • up to 4 RS-232 ports and Two I2C ports with on board level shifting
   • 3-Axis Accelerometer
   • SD card for loading code and storing data (optional)
   • Audio output with 1 watt driver (optional)
   • 3 expansion connectors allow daughter boards to be added to the Bot-Logic board to support add on features.
   • Compatible with both 3 and 5Volt Arduino Boards that can accept standard UNO or Mega style shields.
   • Built-IN 2x16 LCD Char Display

  BOT-LOGIC Software is Open Source and supported on website, once you register with, you will have access to a growing comunity of like minded robot developers.

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